Student Leadership

Student leadership is an experience, which is highly valued by the whole school community. There is a defined school process for the election and selection of the School Captains and Vice Captains, House Captains, Peer Mediators and members of the Junior School Council (JSC). It explains the roles and responsibilities of the student leaders at Monmia.

Our Student Leadership Program:
Provides opportunities for the development of student leadership skills
Encourages school leaders to seek student voice and choice and liaise with school leadership
Provides the model for leadership skills to inspire the whole school community
Facilitate social and academic activities for students, including fundraising
Enable school leaders to apply their leadership skills in real life contexts

School Leaders
School Leaders model the school values, demonstrate a high level of communication and social skills, take pride in the school and show respect to all school and community members.  They implement their roles with a sense of maturity and responsibility.

School Captains and Vice Captains
The School Captains and Vice Captains are responsible for representing the school at school and community events. The school supports these students in attending The Young Leaders Conference and the ANZAC Commemorative Ceremony for Students. 
School Captains are Year 6 students and are responsible for conducting school assemblies, welcoming special guests and thanking visiting performers. School Captains liaise with the Principal and Year 5 and Year 6 Teaching and Learning Leader and PLC Welfare Manager on various activities and issues. 



I am very honoured to have this job as a School Captain for Monmia Primary School. I would like to thank all the teachers for having faith in me and trusting me to do this job. Thank you to all the parents that came today to support all of us to be the leaders we are.  I promise to always show the school values and work cooperatively with my team and teachers. I also promise to help everyone in the school and make you the best student you can be.  


Firstly, I’d like to thank all the 56teachers for choosing me as a School Captain. I am very honoured to be a school leader and I am very excited to work with these other leaders next year. As a leader I promise I will show all the school values and work well as a team. I look forward to representing you all next year.  


Thank you to the Year 56 teachers for selecting me for this role at Monmia Primary School. I’m honoured to be your Vice Captain in 2020. I promise to show the school values and work with my team and teachers. I hope to help everyone to preform to the best of their abilities.  Thank you to the parents and family who are here to support us.  


I’d like to say that I am extremely grateful and honoured to have been selected in the role of School Capatin. I would like to also thank the Year 56 teacher’s for choosing me. As a School Captain, I promise to show all 5 school values, be a role model and support all my peers. Thank you to my parents for always being there to support me. 


House Leaders
Monmia Primary School has Green, Blue, Red and Gold house leaders. House Leaders are Year 5 and 6 students and support the School Athletics Day, the Art Show, placing of bins around the school and raise and lower the school flag. House Leaders encourage, support and assist during lunchtime programs.

Peer Mediators
The school’s Peer Mediation Program is designed to train students with skills and knowledge of how to support their fellow students. Peer Mediators are students in Year 5 and 6 students and undertake rostered time in the schoolyard, assisting with conflict resolution and minor incidents.
Junior School Councillors
Two students are selected from each grade in the Year 3-6 areas to represent the voice of the students in their own grade, as well as a grade from Year P-2 areas. Regular meetings are held to discuss fundraising events and school activities. In addition, the students present the ‘Student of the Week’ awards at the weekly whole school assembly.