New Library Coming Soon!



  3. We are getting very excited about the opening of the new library. The new library furniture arrived on Wednesday and it was assembled on Thursday. Thank you to the Family and Friends who have fundraised for the library over the past year. Much of the funds raised have gone towards purchasing the library furniture and it looks absolutely amazing. I know everyone will love it. From Thursday this week we will cover up the windows in order to prepare for the gala launch and be a real surprise for everyone.

    Next week we will start the process of processing new and exciting texts that have been purchased especially for the new library and donated by the generous community. Jayne Sutcliffe, our former library technician has been keeping up with the progress of the library and has agreed to help us with the processing of these books.

    We will also begin moving back all the books back into the library and preparing the shelves with surprises. We will set a date for the official opening next week once we move closer to finalising the graphics for the exterior and interior of the school library. Stay tuned for the grand launch date!