Monmia Philosophy



The Monmia Philosophy was launched after community consultation.



It states:



We are a community of dedicated and passionate learners working in a dynamic and collaborative environment.

Students will: Staff will: Parents/Guardians will:

Set high learning goals and work hard to reach them

Be risk takers, learning from their mistakes

Follow the code of cooperation

Be active listeners

Celebrate their own achievements and others' achievements

Have high expectations of their own and student learning

Know all students and how best to motiqate their learning

Be risk takers, learning from their own mistakes

Know what they need to teach and be prepared

Cooperate with others and work together in learning communities









Share their enthusiasm for learning

Be involved in the work of the school.














We are focused on social, emotional and academic growth so that our students demonstrate resilience, responsibility and make informed choices.

Students will: Staff will: Parents/Guardians will:

Know and show the school values

Make wise choices about friendships and relationships

Stand up for themselves and others

Be engaged in their learning

Know and model school values

Build trusting relationships with all students, staff and families

Use restorative practices to help students in finding solutions

Give feedback on learning and personal behaviours

Keep themselves and others safe

Build trusting relationships with the school

Know and model school values

Have regular, positive conversations with theri child

Guide children with making wise choices

We serve our students so they will learn and achieve at high levels.